About Erica Behnke

Erica has been in the digital marketing industry since November 1999. She started her digital career at Burson-Marsteller (B-M) as the design department’s admin assistant. From there she expanded her knowledge of graphic and web design by self-learning, advice from her peers and going back to school. From her prior MS Office experience, she became the company’s PowerPoint guru and traveled overseas with a client as their PowerPoint specialist. When the interactive work started building at the company, Erica moved to an associate interactive project manager position. She worked on a variety of clients websites, including healthcare, corporate and brand marketing.

After 7 years with B-M, Erica decided to go off on her own for a while. Some of her freelance work includes designing flyers, business cards, letterhead, newspaper & web ads, emails and websites (designed and coded). Due to the falling economy, Erica went back into the corporate world, but still works on freelance items when they come by.

From 2008 to 2013, she managed a financial firm’s website, intranet and email marketing program. Shortly after she started working at the firm, they laid off her boss. With not much knowledge about the company’s website, she had to teach herself how the CMS worked, how to add new funds/pages, and how to upload various data files to populate certain tables on the site. During her time at the firm, she managed two redesigns of the website, which included designing the mock-ups and site architecture. She also implemented an email request process to help get better control of the email flows. Before she left, she created an instruction manual for the website and email marketing program so that those that followed would know what to do.

Erica’s past experience has helped her become a very talented woman. She is a team player, very organized, has a keen eye for detail, a quick learner, and works very well with clients. She is back in the freelance world and open to help you with your next project.